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2022 CGP Second Half Examinations Fees Structure

2022 IBAS Second Half Examinations Fees Structure

1. Please present yourselves at the examination hall at least 30 minutes before the examination which you are sitting is due to commence.

2. All candidates will be required to show the Invigilators their current official CGI (ICSA) cards. If this identification is not available, the candidate will not be allowed to write the examination.

3. All candidates will be required to have their examination confirmation slips with them.

4. Candidates may only take writing utensils, e.g. pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers in a clear plastic container and a non-programmable calculator (cell phones are not permitted for this purpose) to their desks. Unmarked specified texts for open book examinations are also allowed where applicable.

All other bags and containers including ladies handbags and purses will be removed from the candidates and placed at the back of the examination hall at the owner’s risk.

5. No queries relating to the contents of any examination question paper will be entertained during the examinations.

6. Candidates found cheating or attempting to cheat in any way will be disqualified as students permanently.

7. The candidate’s name must not appear anywhere on the answer booklet or answer sheets. Candidates must always use their student numbers.

8. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

9. No candidate may leave the hall during the examination before the first hour; thereafter candidates must hand in their scripts personally to an Invigilator if they wish to leave the room.

10. No candidate will be allowed into the examination hall after the first hour of the examination.

11. No candidate will be allowed to leave the hall during the final 15 minutes of the examination.

12. All electronic devices / gadgets for example cellular phones, electronic wrist and desk watches are banned from the examination halls.

13. If you have any queries, please be sure to contact the office well before your examination.

14. Hats, headgear and inappropriate attire are banned from the examination hall.

15. Strictly no candidate will be allowed to write examinations at a centre other than that he / she had indicated on the examination entry form unless prior approval has been obtained (in writing) from the Institute

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